Special Surface Finish


A transparent, corrosion protective layer will be applied on the passivated zinc and on the zinc alloy layers. The basis is a aqueous synthetic emulsion.


  • particularly suitable for following punching and/or bending operations
  • zinc abrasion will be prevented
  • tool lifes will be increased
  • the appearance of the sealed products will be improved
  • the corrosion protection will be increased

HBV-Special-Surface-Finish for maximum corrosion protection

Through the filling up of the typical mine plans of the zinc layers with a special developed, insoluble Cr(III)-bonding, a homogeneous, slightly shiny layer will be achieved. This delays the development of bulky zinc corrosion products (white rust) drastically. Also, the developement of base metal corrosion (red rust) will be delayed enourmously. Therefore, the function of the component retains for a much longer time.


  • as a final treatment after the usual passivation or phosphatisation, stabilities against zinc corrosion within the neutral salt spray test DIN EN ISO 9227 of significantly more than 200 hours can be reached with the HBV-Special-Surface-Finish
  • this surface finish is not a sealer nor a coating system. Residues of silicates or any other organic deposit, which could lead to critical shoring- or assembling situations, do not occur