Determination of the zinc layer thickness

In the case of electrolytically galvanized strip and sheet metal, the zinc coating is specified in μm per side,
whereby it is customary internationally for the designation to specify 10 times the nominal layer thickness
for the strip top side and strip underside.
Example: ZE 10/10 means: 1 μm zinc coating on top side / 1 μm zinc coating on under side

Nominal thickness/Side
in μm
in g/m²
Minimum thickness/Side
in μm
in g/m²
ZE 10/10 Fine layer 1,0 7 -- --
ZE 25/25 Normal layer 2,5 18 1,7 12
ZE 50/50 Enforced layer 5,0 36 4,1 29
ZE 75/75 Enforced layer 7,5 54 6,6 47
ZE 100/100 Enforced layer 10,0 72 7,2 65
Conversion μm in g/m²: 1 μm corresponds arround 7,13 g/m²
Further variatios in layer thickness availlable on demand
The determination of the layer thickness applied to the steel strip takes place gravimetrically in our Company.
This means that after the release of the zinc coating on a sample by acid, the difference in weight on
the corresponding surface is obtained. This assumes a uniform layer thickness on all sides. In reality, however, the layer thickness is higher in the edge region than on the surface.
The reason for this caused in electrophysics and can not be influenced by us.